Conclusion Nano and also the performance of the car



automobile industry is the most famous industry in the entire world but it has
an immense place in India. Tata Motor’s launch of Tata Nano as a dream car of
common man of India did not meet the given expectation because instead of
getting known as an affordable car for everyone it got known as world cheapest
car. The mistake which Tata Motor’s made was that they did not know how to
position Nano properly, the positioning of Nano a “cheap car” ruined the brand
image of Nano and also the performance of the car became terribly
underwhelming. When launching a product in the market it is very important to
first understand the mindset of the consumers. Nano was said to be a cheap car
and also the poor could now easily buy it, after having this in their mind none
of the poor people would even consider buying Nano because they would not want
to be known as poor.

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