Essay: Project Management Support

Being a little frustrated by the lack of understanding and support for project management and taking into consideration the necessity to voice at my next PMI chapter meeting, I asked fellow members to consider organizations they had been working with in the past and dwell upon their views on project management. Here are some of their views.

All the fellow members, regardless of the organizations or IT companies they worked for, think that project management is an essential part in the life of every person. Almost all non-recurring human activities can be called a project.

Project Management Support Сase Study

Thus, it’s possible to say that every human is a unique project manager. However, rational and effective project management requires necessary skills to do it. An excellent project manager has extensive knowledge and skills to cope with any difficult job. Such precious skills, when applied, lead to optimization in the use of resources and as a result – further successes in the management of any project. Project management is actually an organization of planning and allocation of means within a specific project. It’s an attempt to create a special and unique product using minimum resources. To crown it all, most of the fellow members agree that in the world of business, project management is an immense responsibility in itself and, at the same time, a first-rate skill.

According to the statistics, the role of project management grows day by day. Some projects, having no project management specialists are exposed to failures and this can lead to a disaster in the near future. Such projects are considered to be too risky, when they have an actual lack of resources needed for their completion. Project managers are the key figures in every business endeavor. Sometimes you can’t notice the work of a project manager, but in fact, every project manager makes sure the whole project runs effectively not to exceed allocated budget or to miss time-limits.

Managers responsibility for the realization of a project, interaction and communication with a whole project team, adaptation to a variety of challenges during the project life cycle, team leadership and the ability to listen and make right decisions, the ability to resolve conflicts among personnel, thorough planning and wise project management, contemporary and innovative approaches to meet certain requirements of a project these are the basic constituents of an amazing, interesting and not an easy career path of a project manager. There’s no doubt that every project manager has passion for his work. No matter if you work for a big company or a small one, the passion you have for every project is incredible and unique. The passion for such responsible work and absence of fear are the basic ingredients for a successful career in project management.

Fellow members say that negative views do affect a project manager’s ability to effectively manage projects. Negative views can affect the ability to stay organized and organize the entire project cycle. They can also affect concentration of project manager’s attention to vital issues and thus cause a temporal vacuum in effective management. To avoid such things every project manager should learn how to adapt to such factors, react instantly and fearlessly take appropriate decisions for the project to be successful.


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