Cartoons about science, religion and dogma
Fighting irrationality and pseudo science, and promoting critical and rational thinking is one of the most crucial -but underestimated- tasks facing us today. Yes to lots of well argued, articulate 'God Delusion' style titles, but let's not forget to just openly take the piss. The arrogant pomposity of irrational beliefs makes them a bubble ripe for popping, which is the precise aim of this book. Laughter shifts opinion.

I'm a passionate (well, actually, angry) and committed skeptic, a full time cartoonist working professionally for over 20 years with an already established following, and I've several previously published books to my name... but I was staggered that agents and publishers have turned this project down - hence the crowdsourcing.

I'm very well connected to the skeptics movement, and have been involved in several lectures and debates about 9/11, the Moon Hoax myth (delivered in the persona of retired astronaut 'Buzz Haircut'), and the fusion paranoia that creates nauseating bedfellows of crazed truther radicals and holocaust deniers.

thINK is peppered and buffed up with juicy skeptic quotes from the likes of Carl Sagan, Thomas Paine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, Noam Chomsky, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Charles Darwin... and so on.

Our aim was to make available a hilarious, precisely targeted, compact bomb of humour that'll be an ideal gift to give to family and friends, and that'll provide another public front in the fight against superstition, pseudo science and damaging, delusional 'political' beliefs like the 9/11 'inside job' fantasy, or oil industry funded climate change denial.

A huge thanks to everyone who backed us!

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